White Westinghouse Dehumidifier – 60 Litres

Key Features

  • Area Covered : 6000 Cubic Ft
  • 60 Litres/Day
  • Portable
  • Industrial Purpose
  • Extremely Silent
  • Air-Purifying Filter
  • Power Reciprocating Compressor
  • Automatic Humidistat Control
  • Auto Frost Control
  • Automatic Reset
  • Full Water Warning Signal
  • Continuos Drainage
  • Easier Mobility with Convenient Wheels
  • Recyclable Materials for Environment
  • Conservation
  • LCD Display

More Information

  • BRAND :White Westinghouse
  • POWER SUPPLY V/Hz :220-240/50Hz
  • CURRENT : 2.6A
  • AIR FLOW : 360M3/H
  • MOISTURE REMOVAL (L / Day) :40L / DAY (26.7°C 60% RH) / 60L / DAY (30°C 80% RH)
  • WATER TANK CAPACITY (litres) : 7L
  • DIMENSION (H*W*D) :24.2×14.8×10.47 inch
  • NET WEIGHT : 19.9KG

Introducing Jet India’s White Westinghouse  Dehumidifier – Model WDE602

Jet India, a leading dehumidifier manufacturer in India, proudly presents our exceptional industrial dehumidifier, designed to be a game-changer in controlling humidity levels within your workspace. With a remarkable coverage area of up to 6000 cubic ft and an impressive moisture removal capacity of 60 litres per day, our top-rated product is the ideal choice for various industrial environments, including warehouses, manufacturing plants, and storage facilities.

The portability and silent operation of our industrial dehumidifier make it a highly convenient option for businesses of all sizes. Equipped with an air-purifying filter and a power reciprocating compressor, our product works diligently to eliminate excess moisture and enhance air quality in your workspace. The automatic humidistat control ensures that humidity levels in your space remain consistent and within the desired range.

Jet India’s industrial dehumidifier is not only effective but also affordable, making it the top-rated choice for businesses seeking reliable and efficient dehumidification solutions. As experienced dehumidifier manufacturers, we take immense pride in delivering top-quality products that consistently meet the highest standards of performance and durability.

For the White Westinghouse 60 litre dehumidifier, Jet India is the trusted name in the industry. Our commitment to customer satisfaction and high-quality products sets us apart. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff is readily available to answer any questions you may have and guide you in selecting the right dehumidifier for your specific needs. Jet India offers a wide range of shipping options to ensure your order is delivered promptly and efficiently.

Furthermore, we provide a comprehensive warranty program to safeguard your investment and ensure your complete satisfaction with your purchase. Jet India is dedicated to delivering the best possible shopping experience, from the beginning to the end, making us the obvious choice for anyone in search of a White Westinghouse 60 litre industrial dehumidifier. Choose Jet India for superior dehumidification solutions and unmatched customer service.

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