Every piece of electronic equipmentdata center and person on earth is located at the bottom of an ocean of air. This fact is taken for granted to be a good thing, but there are instances when the air surrounding IT equipment can directly lead to its failure. The water vapor contained in air protects IT equipment from dangerous static electrical discharge. Reliance on precision cooling solutions to maintain the proper humidity level in a computer room or data center does not always assure proper humidity levels at the IT equipment air intake.

Often people complain about uncomfortable environment or poor air circulation in their basement. Lack of ventilation and dampness causes such problem in the basement. The air molecules present in the damp air are heavier than the molecules of the normal air. This affects air circulation. Basement dehumidifiers are now available and help in proper air circulation and adequate ventilation. Dehumidifier as an efficient humidity controller draws water vapor from the air and collects them in its tank by condensation and dispenses the water through a drain pipe.

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