Artworks in Art Galleries and museums are significantly affected by temperature and relative humidity (RH) variations. Significant variations in humidity can double the deterioration rate of paper and other canvases and Fluctuating levels of humidity cause's materials to corrode, shrink, swell, or warp, hence degrading the value of the art. Monitoring and control of indoor moisture or humidity is thus crucial in ensuring the preservation of art collections.

WHITE WESTINGHOUSE Dehumidifier's are the most effective way of maintaining the humidity level in art galleries, museums and for art lovers/artists. It's simple, automatic plug and play function make it very easy / convenient to operate the Dehumidifier without any hassle.

WHITE WESTINGHOUSE Dehumidifiers all models are equipped with casters, movable at your pleasure.

WHITE WESTINGHOUSE Dehumidifiers have inbuilt humidity stat, which shows the current humidity level (in the LCD / digital screen) of the room and you can set the required humidity level as per your requirement and also it has auto stop function as soon as the tank is filled with water, so that there will be no spillage on your floor.

No wonder some of the top Art Galleries of our country / Artists are using WHITE WESTINGHOUSE Dehumidifiers to protect their valuables.

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